"When there are extended work hours, unforeseen changes in plans and holidays, I know that JTD will be there to assist with the care of Bradley.  JTD has known Bradley since he was 10 weeks old, (now nearly five) and have been an integral part of his life.  They have been involved in his training, both at the house at various stages in his puppy years, and with his twice weekly dog socialising/walks to the park.  I can’t sing the praises enough of the team and the services which JTD offer.  You rock!"
Bradley's Owner
"Lisa Masters has just transformed our lives by training our two year old, very problematic, cavalier. In just couple of sessions! It was the best money I've spent in a long time.

Simply miraculous. Lisa has a brilliant way of communicating to both the dog and most importantly to the owner! Lisa very quickly diagnosed the issue with Kado and got to the root cause.

Within a day Kado responded, and our home has been restored to a calm environment with a happy dog, who knows the rules. I couldn't recommend Lisa more highly, she's absolutely brilliant."

Kado's Owner



"Like many, my dog Elly is part of the family and I don't know what I'do without her.

As some know, it hasn't been easy though, After years of countless life threatening Houdini escapes, I was sure it was only time before she was killed. Building a fort of a backyard, training, dog toys/treats and regular plays with neighbours dogs didn't stop her. She probably escaped over 50 times and I was lucky that kind strangers always helped.

I was terrified of loosing her until I discovered JTD who now take Elly out for much needed regular exercise, socialisation and training. Without them I'm sure I wouldn't have my Elly by my side today."

Elly's Owner






"Bosley was a very naughty (bored) pup until I discovered Jog the Dog. I did not have the time or energy to give him the exercise he required. He is a large Golden Retriever and just walking him on the lead was not enough exercise. Over the last 12 months, he has been going on outings with Lisa, and not only receives the necessary exercise, but also good training including socialisation with other dogs.

He loves going to the park with Lisa and his 'playmates', and waits eagerly for her by the gate! This is the highlight of Bosley's day and he is now a much better behaved dog, and I am a much less stressed owner! Lisa is very confident, competent and reliable and I would recommend anyone to try Jog the Dog."
Bosley's Owner


"What the Super Nanny is to difficult kids - Lisa Masters is to dogs! When Buddy joined our family as a giant 10-week old black lab, we all loved him instantly. He grew and grew and then grew some more until soon he became stronger and heavier than his playmates, our children!

Our family walks were more like kite-flying exercises, with us dragging along in Buddy's wake until Lisa helped stop him in his tracks! Just like the Super Nanny, Lisa's lessons taught us and Buddy at the same time. Lisa provided us with simple new rules. It's worked brilliantly, and we've easily maintained the simple commands which have proven to be an effective form of communication between us all.

As Lisa continued his on-lead training, she also added off-lead training and socialising, which has opened up a whole new world of walks for us all! The kids can walk him, he can swim and prance along the beach, and now we have the confidence that he'll actually come back - even if he follows another dog! Lisa stopped Buddy's clothesline destruction with simple techniques, the slobbering on visitors (well, most times) and made the first 12-months with our big, bustling boy so much easier than we could ever have imagined."
Buddy's Owner


"18-months ago, when I needed someone to walk my active Staffordshire Bull Terrier, three points were most important to me: Safety, Reliability and Firm, Caring Control. Lisa Masters and her assistants satisfied these needs and more! Ralph always arrives home from his 'outings' very happy and I feel that he is cared for as if he were her own. She always graciously fits in any extra walks or feeds that I need done at short notice, and I enthusiastically recommend her services to anyone who really loves their pet!"
Ralph's Owner