Jog the Dog is a professional dog walking and training service that is committed to supporting and helping you create a happy, confident and well-behaved member of your family.

Walking / Playgroups

We offer dog walking / playgroups where we socialise and play for an hour in a fully enclosed oval which is perfect for alleviating boredom and helping to avoid any destructive behaviours in and around the home.

We also offer double sessions for the more energetic dogs that just need that extra time to burn off any excess energy.

We team together dogs of similar size or temperament to ensure that your dog has a fun, safe and positive experience with us.

These sessions assist in building confidence, avoiding separation anxiety issues and recall training (learning to come back when called) under the guide of our fantastic trained staff.

The dogs in our daily playgroups build great friendships and have loads of fun being a part of the Jog the Dog family.


Dog Training

Offering in-house dog behaviour modification sessions, we come to you and work together with simple easy to apply methods to bring out the best in your dog.

Covering all basic manners we will help you to raise a well behaved, well socialised and balanced family member who is calm around the home and out in public.

As your dog matures, we can provide support with on and off lead training, group environment socialisation, barking prevention and any other behavioural problems that may arise.

My experience with dog adoption is extensive, as is my commitment to providing a focus on rehabilitation and readying rehoused dogs for their forever homes.

From puppies through to adult dogs, we remain available to support you with whatever needs you may have to ensure your dog becomes an integral part of your life.