Dog Training With Lisa Masters

My lifelong love and passion for dogs led me to establishing my own dog training and socialising business in 2002. From a specialised and highly regarded service offering in Melbourne, I'm excited now to be expanding the business to the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

Offering in-house dog behaviour modification sessions, I come to you and we work together with simple, easy to apply methods to bring out the best in your dog. Covering all basic manners, I will help you to raise a well behaved, well socialised and balanced family member who is calm around the home and out in public.

As your dog matures, I can provide support with on and off lead training, group environment socialisation, barking prevention and any other behavioural . problems that may arise.

My experience with dog adoptions is extensive, as is my commitment to providing a focus on rehabilitation and readying re-housed dogs for their forever homes.

From puppies through to adult dogs, I remain available to support you with whatever needs you may have to ensure your dog becomes an integral part of your life.

For more information or to make a booking please contact Lisa.